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Vision Update
Issue Number: 199887   
Allergy Versus Dry Eyes

P atients often complain of many symptoms that may represent more then one condition. One of the most common difficult differentiations to make is whether it is an allergy or dry eyes.

The symptoms of both disorders are similar and often over lap. They both cause red eyes, may create a burning sensation and both can itch even though we were all taught that only allergies make the eye itch. Tearing and mild discharge are common and frequently the patient will have all of these symptoms and if a poor historian may confuse when, where and how often they suffer. They are however, very different conditions and treatment will only be affective if appropriate for the anomaly. ..

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Double Vision and Vision Therapy

A young child runs around in class and is called disruptive, while another student says he doesn’t understand what is on the black board. In another class there is some one who avoids reading and home work and prefers to watch TV very close. Frequently, children like these are classified as poor students, disruptive or behavioral problems. While they may be that way, there is also another possibility.

Avoidance behavior is a normal reaction when something hurts us, or we are uncomfortable performing an act. Children are not in a position to know, or understand that they may have a visual problem that is causing their discomfort. I usually advise a complete eye exam by an Optometrist that is experienced with children and behavioral vision...

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LASIK Disaster: A Case History

A 40 year old male went for a LASIK consultation and was told that he would be a great candidate for the procedure. He had complained prior to surgery that he had very dry eyes and often woke up with painful eyes, but the surgeon told him that he would still do well with the procedure.

During the course of the surgery the flap kept folding over and sticking to itself resulting in multiple wrinkles called striae. When the surgery was over the outer most layer of the cornea appeared to be dry resulting in a mild corneal abrasion. Therefore a bandage contact lens was place on that eye as a protective measure...

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