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Vision Update
Issue Number: 199887   
Dry eyes, symptoms and Treatment

D ry eyes may result when the eyes do not produce either enough or a poor quality tears. Traditionally, artificial tears like Systane, Refresh or Genteal were recommended, but a new treatment has shown to be very effective in reducing the symptoms and condition. If left untreated in certain cases the cornea my become scared, and thus reduce the vision....

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Complication of PRK from the sun

PRK is a surgical procedure that reduces or eliminates the need for eye glasses. It involves brushing off the Epithelium or outer layer of the cornea and then treating the underlying tissue with a laser. A variable that has shown to be a significant issue is the introduction of the sunís high energy UV light...

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Exercise and Eyewear

With the warm weather coming many people are getting in shape and spending more time outdoors. Proper eye wear is critical for the best vision, safety and protection of the eyes. The number one issue is to wear good quality sunglasses that will protect the eyes from the UV radiation generated by the sun. ...

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