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Vision Update
Issue Number: 199887   
Macular Degeneration and Carbohydrates

M acular Degeneration is an ocular condition whereby the central part of the retina called the Macula, breaks down resulting in decreased vision. Usually a genetic predisposition is required for the condition to occur and the severity will depend on both genetics and environmental factors. Studies have long concluded that factors such as drug use and smoking will precipitate the disease to occur at earlier ages and will substantially make the vision worse...

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UV Blocking Contact Lenses

W ith the summer in full swing and people flocking to the beach, boats and outdoor activities we must turn our attention to sun protection for our eyes. Conventional eye wear for the outdoors has always been good quality sunglasses. These of course come in many forms and at differing costs depending on quality and style...

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Beach Safety and Your Eyes

S itting on the beach today made me remember the 12 years that I spent as an ocean lifeguard. Perhaps the best years of my life, although as all good things must come to an end so did my lifeguard days. I remember watching the pretty girls in skimpy bikinis coming out of the water wandering around aimlessly looking for their beach blankets. Being the gentleman that I am, and a lieutenant in charge of 25 guards, I felt that I had a responsibility to show these young ladies to their space on the beach. While it was a good way to meet them, I often wondered why they could not find their own way around. After giving up the idea that perhaps they wanted a lifeguard to ask them out, I came to the conclusion that they could not see where they were going.

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