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Vision Update
Issue Number: 199887   
MRSA- Resistant Bacterial Infections

MSRA H ealth care has been much improved since the discovery of antibiotics. Prior to WWII, Sulfa drugs were the treatment of choice to fight bacteria and were quite successful, but did not cover all the organisms that attacked humans. As a result, many perished and even more suffered debilitating diseases. Antibiotics were the answer to fighting infections.

As time went on, improved antibiotics were developed, increasing the range of bacteria killing rates. They work in one of two ways. The first, is Bacteriostatic. This inhibits the bacterias ability to reproduce. In doing so, they die off since they can not sustain their populations...

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly-Nutritional Supplements for the Eyes

Nutritional Supplements for the Eyes T here are many herbal, nutritional, alternative and vitamin supplements that have been suggested to improve eye sight, and prevent ocular disease. While some have positive effects on the visual system, there are others that can become toxic and have a destructive influence on the eyes. It is generally believed that a well balanced "American" diet does not require supplements, and their true value is negligible.

While many have some benefit, care must be taken since supplements can interact negatively with other medications and even foods that are ingested. For example, milk negates the positive antioxidant affects of tea, and citrus increases the pharmaceutical benefit of cholesterol lowering medications...

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A Survey of Ocular Medication

ocular medication H ealth care has dramatically improved this past quarter century with the development of new and more effective drugs. After WW II, antibiotics were discovered and death rates declined. As bacteria have evolved; so have antibiotics. In addition, other pharmaceuticals have come along to fight viruses, most micro-organisms, allergies and even autoimmune disorders. These developments have dramatically improved the quality of our lives.

Unfortunately, while there are many new and better drugs, there are still some practitioners that continue to use old, out dated, and in many cases ineffective drugs. Doctors have an obligation to change treatment modality as often as new drugs become available. What follows is a brief survey of contemporary drugs for the treatment of eye conditions...

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